Sedation Dentistry

Marietta Pediatric Sedation Dentistry: Relieving Treatment Anxiety for Children & Adolescents

It’s common for children to be nervous about going to the dental office, but that shouldn’t stop children from receiving the dental care they need to grow up with strong, healthy teeth. As part of our commitment to relieving dental anxiety in children, Bradberry Pediatric Dentistry offers sedation-assisted care that gives children with high levels of anxiety the opportunity to receive the dental care they need in a comfortable manner.

Dental Sedation for Kids in Marietta, GA

As a member of the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology, Dr. Bradberry has dedicated countless hours to studying pain and anxiety relief through sedation methods. To promote safe and effective dental care, patients with high levels of anxiety or low tolerance for pain can turn to sedation dentistry to receive complete, comprehensive dental care without contributing to their stress.

We understand each child is different, and not every child has the same level of anxiety as the next. We offer several different types and levels of sedation to accommodate the needs of each individual child.

Our types of sedation include:

Laughing Gas Sedation – Also known as Nitrous Oxide sedation, this method utilizes a gas administered orally through a mask to prompt relaxation in the patient during the time of the appointment.

Oral Sedation – Dr. David can prescribe differing levels of medication that must be taken at least one hour prior to their appointment to induce sedation during treatment. This method can be combined with the aforementioned method above to produce a greater sedentary effect.

IV Sedation – admired for its speed, this method allows Dr. David the flexibility to adjust the level of sedation during treatment to accommodate the child’s needs accordingly.

Levels of Sedation

Dental sedation can range anywhere between conscious sedation, where the child may feel drowsy but is still able to respond to Dr. David, to deep sedation, where the child can be anywhere between falling asleep to completely unconscious.

Receive Sedation-Assisted Dental Care in Cobb County!

If your child suffers from mild to severe anxiety, you may need sedation-assisted dental service to receive the dental care you need.

Sedation dentistry has been proven to be entirely safe. Dr. Bradberry has helped hundreds of children receive the dental care they need to prepare them for a lifetime of good dental health. For more information about sedation-assisted treatment, make an appointment with your East Cobb children’s dentist, Dr. David Bradberry, by calling or visiting Bradberry Pediatric Dentistry today!

Check with your insurance provider to see if your sedation services are covered.