Meet The Team

Bradberry Pediatric Dentistry: Providing Beautiful Smiles to Children in Marietta, GA

We are especially interested in making all our patients feel right at home, and we aim to provide energetic and fun-loving care to each child in a warm, caring and friendly environment. We put your child’s needs first to achieve efficient and comprehensive treatment.

Our staff is highly trained and skilled, and all of our hygienists are trained in the care of all ages and types of children. We strive to stay abreast of the very latest in technology and advances by regularly attending continuing education courses and seminars.


Dental Hygienist

Charlotte has been with our practice just about as long as Dr. Bradberry. It is a pleasure to have her on staff as she is passionate about treating children and performing at the highest of standards.  She enjoys teaching dental health education in the elementary schools and loves sharing her knowledge with all  school aged kids.  She is always up to date on the latest information in hygiene by attending continuing education classes such as the Hinman Dental Conference every year and the Georgia Dental Association's CE classes.

Charlotte and her husband have one married son, Richard and their sweet daughter in law, Sophia. Charlotte and her husband enjoy their two handsome and busy grandsons!  When not spending time with the grandchildren, Charlotte and her husband like to fly fish up in the North Georgia mountain streams.  She loves to work in her garden and take walks.  Charlotte is always interested in getting to know the children she works with .  She interacts with each of her patients, asking them all kinds of questions about their dreams, desires and interests.  Charlotte believes that pediatric dentistry is the best way to introduce dentistry to a child in a positive non-threatening environment.  Charlotte has a secure feel to her personality that helps children to feel safe, which ultimately leads to a great visit and clean, healthy teeth.


Dental Assistant

Originally from South Alabama, Tamura served as a nursing assistant before attending Dental Assistant Training! She is a very quiet person but that laid back personality seems to work well with the kids with whom she interacts! Tamura is very health conscious! She works out at the gym every day during lunch and on the weekends she actually walks to and from her gym to get her steps in. Tamura says she is more grateful each day, She says she is getting closer to achieving her goals through the power of her thoughts and words.  She feels that an incredible transformation is happening in her life! 


Front Office

Karen Delmastro is a kind, quiet (but don't let that fool you), friendly front desk scheduler who worked for Dr. Bradberry full time for over 10 years!  Karen thought she was going to retire, and did retire for a short 2 1/2 years! Now, she is back and loving to visit with all the families she came to know so well!

When not working, Karen spends time with her wonderful husband and family, consisting of two children, their spouses, and six grandchildren!   She stays active in her church but also tries to relax a bit!  She loves shopping for gifts to donate to several organizations such as Must Ministries and the Marietta Police Department Christmas Drive.  Karen loves working with children and families. Her goals are the same as Dr. Bradberry's, to take the best care of every child we have the privilege of serving in our office! We love seeing Karen's smiling face in the office every day and hope you will come on in and say hello! 

Oh, and Karen keeps "beary' well dressed, making all his clothing from scratch and she still makes wonderful cookies for the staff and Dr. Bradberry, (bringing them all too often!).



community outreach and social media

 Janet is a licensed Masters Social Worker who began working in the office only a  few years ago after a career in family and group therapy, teaching, and homeschooling.

Janet is the liaison for our community involvement, school programs,( Dr. Bradberry works with schools to provide assistance when a child in need is referred to him for help.). She helps out with  social media, website administration, ordering of supplies for the office and whatever else comes up!  She is a people person and loves to talk to just about anyone but prefers to stay in the background at the office, letting the staff and Dr. Bradberry  ( as a parent recently said ) "perform their magic!" Please let her or another staff member  know if you'd love to feature your children in facebook, google or the website! We love to share our awesome little ones and what is going on in their lives....such as a "NO CAVITY" moment!

Dr. Beary Bear

Dr. Beary Bear came to us several years ago to complete our wonderful office staff!  He has been a constant encouragement to staff and patients alike! Beary always has a hug to give our children and he loves to hear about their visit as they leave!  Beary enjoys taking pictures with all of his friends after their appointments!  Beary Bear knows that the best way to be healthy overall, is to keep your teeth brushed and flossed! He and Dr. Bradberry recommend brushing and flossing at least two times per day, for two minutes each time! Dr. Bear learns a lot from his mentor, Dr. Bradberry, and we are glad to have him as a part of our Bradberry Pediatric Dentistry Practice!