Children's First Visit

Your Child's First Appointment and What to Expect 

Your child’s first visit to the dental office can set the stage for a lifetime of healthy smiles, which is why a good first impression of the dentist is important. Dr. David Bradberry and the team at Bradberry Pediatric Dentistry are well experienced in welcoming first time patients into our beautifully decorated, child-friendly office and providing the care children need to start off on the right path towards optimal oral health.

What is the Purpose of the First Visit?

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests children should visit a dentist by their first birthday. We provide an enjoyable and exciting experience that encourages children to come back every six months for their routine checkup.

The first visit to our office allows us to go over procedures with parents, discuss proper ways of maintaining dental hygiene for children, and perform a short examination that introduces children to professional dental care. We also prepare children and parents for their next phase of dental care through supplying valuable education tools and encouraging the development of proper dental hygiene habits.

The initial visit also serves as a dedicated time for parents to ask our dental professionals questions about oral habits that may be detrimental to the growth of their child’s teeth, such as with discussing the dangers of thumb sucking or falling asleep with a baby bottle.

Your Dedicated Team of Child-Care Experts

As a partner in your child’s wellness, we ask parents to aid in our effort of creating lasting impressions by setting optimistic expectations for children. Please describe the dental office using words that connote encouragement and happiness. Setting a positive expectation beforehand primes the children in believing the dental office can be a new, fun experience that also benefits their health.

Additionally, be honest with your child. Tell your child that he or she will receive dental care from a professional so they are not surprised when they show up to the dental office.

Schedule Your Child’s First Appointment

The best treatment to reach optimal dental care is prevention. Learn how you can help your child invest in optimal oral health by calling or visiting Bradberry Pediatric Dentistry in Marietta. Schedule an appointment with Dr. David and help bring out the full potential of your children’s smile.